Elections 101

Election ahead

How do we elect our Executive and other Local Officers?

Elections are held every three years.

The last elections were held in 2017, so an election is due again in 2020.


At the General Membership Meeting in May,
Nominations are taken for the following positions:

  • President,
  • Recording Secretary, and
  • Secretary-Treasurer.

Also, the Elections Committee is appointed.
Each region will vote for these positions on the 1st Saturday in October.

The remainder of the positions required to be filled, will be decided at Regional Membership Meetings
all held simultaneously in November (date to be determined).
Each region will take nominations for the following positions and voting will take place at the same meeting.

  • Regional Vice-President,
  • Trustee,
  • Three Shop Stewards,
  • Bursary Committee member,
  • Wellness Initiative member,
  • And possibly – a Negotiation Committee member?

If any nominee is unopposed, then that candidate wins the position by acclamation.