Nominations of Officers and other positions 2017

Sunday, May 07, 2017 at the Local meeting held in Springhill, nominations were taken for positions on the Executive of the Local.

For President, there were two nominations
Ron Davis, the incumbent, and
Bob Bradley.
This election will take place in October.
More on this election will be published in a future post.

For Recording-Secretary, there was only a single nomination,
Sherrylynn Jaguary-Woodworth wins by acclamation.

For Secretary-Treasurer, there was only a single nomination,
Dawn Morrison-Turner wins by acclamation.

Elections were held for other non-executive positions.

Pension Trustee to NSSBASteve Trites.
Health and Safety RepresentativeTed Mills.

The National CUPE Convention is being held in October and the Local can send three persons – the President of the Local, and two other members elected at this meeting.
The delegates to this years convention are:
Ron Davis,
Sherrylynn Jaguary-Woodworth, and
Clint Eagles.

Congratulations to all.