Wanted – Changes to Local 3890 By-Laws

Need someone to propose amendment to By-Laws

Our CUPE Local 3890 By-Laws
Section 4 -Membership Meeting – (Regular and Special)
Paragraph A
– sets particular dates for General Membership Meetings. The meeting dates in February and May need to be changed to reflect the influence of the new February holiday as well as the occasional conflict with the May Victoria Day holiday.

Heritage day in NS is celebrated on the third Monday in February, while the by-law sets the Truro meeting on the third Sunday. Where the month could start on any one of seven days of the week, on six of those variations, the Holiday and the meeting are set on adjacent days. Usually we do not hold a meeting on a long holiday weekend. These meetings would have to be rescheduled.

A similar situation arises in May with Victoria Day. It is set for the Monday immediately preceding May 25, so it can occur anywhere from the eighteenth to the twenty-fourth. If May started on Saturday or Sunday, there would be no conflict, but on any of the other five possible variations, the meeting would fall on the day before a holiday. Again, the meetings would be rescheduled so as to avoid a long weekend.

Rather than set a specific date to hold the meeting. I suggest an amendment that specifies how to move any scheduled meeting if a Holiday conflict occurs. Language something like “If any meeting is set to fall on a holiday weekend, then the meeting will be moved to the following weekend, so as not to conflict.”

Presently the membership is not sure when the meeting will be held when a conflict develops. Will it be one week before, one week after or some other time. By having a set policy in place for conflicts, where the meeting is always moved to the following weekend, It makes it easier for members to know when meetings will be held. (Subject only to weather phenomena, which none of us can control.)

An amendment to the by-laws requires that a series of steps be followed in a logical sequence. First a member has to make a motion at a General Membership Meeting, and have it seconded. Notice is then made that the motion will come to a vote at the NEXT General Membership Meeting and then it has to be passed by a majority of members present at that meeting. Finally, before the by-law becomes official, it has to be Approved by the National President of CUPE. This approval has to be in writing.

The same Section 4 – Paragraph A of the bylaw gives the Executive Board the ability to change the meeting date with a week’s notice, but it does not address whether the meeting will be moved ahead or back, nor the amount of the change, just so long as a week’s notice is given. Making the change that I comment on here would give a consistent approach to re-scheduling a meeting that members could plan on. The Executive could implement the suggested by-law change, just by stating that they will always follow a set procedure, which is in line with the proposal.