Bargaining for a new contract – 2018

First Drafts of Proposals

Our bargaining Committee has met with the Employer for the first session of bargaining for our new collective agreement. Basically all that is done at the first meeting is that each side presents it’s proposals to the other side, so they can be studied. We know that we will ask for some things we will not be able to get, and the Employer will do the same. Future sessions will flesh out the proposals, making modifications to bargaining positions, to eventually come up with the best agreement that can be agreed to by both sides.

Copies of the draft proposals are now available to the membership. To understand them better, you should have a copy of the present collective agreement so that these proposals can be kept, in context. If you need to view or download a copy, a link is available under the ‘Resources’ menu tab.

First – What is the Employer asking?

Download (PDF, 959KB)

Remember that neither side knows what the other side has initially proposed.

What is our Negotiating Committee trying to get us.

Download (PDF, 2.18MB)

Sorry for the poor quality. Because the originals were not available, we had to makes copies of photocopies, made on an older machine. They have been enhanced as much as possible to ensure legibility. Our CUPE Proposals had some text that was highlighted that did not show up well, so a second copy of that page (page 2) was included that displays the text that is hidden under the highlight.