The Executive of Local 3890 consists of:

    • President
    • Three Vice-Presidents – one from each region.
    • Secretary-Treasurer, and
    • Recording Secretary.

They are elected to serve a three year term.


Several committees have been formed to provide oversight and direction for various functions of our local:

Pension Trustee

Each member School Board can send two representatives to sit on the Pension Trustees Committee, one Employer Representative, and one Employee Representative.

Their duties are to oversee the management, business, property and the affairs of the NSSBA pension plan.


Union Shop Stewards are an important part of any union. They are employees who work along side of us in the workplace. But, they are willing to take on the responsibility of helping to interpret the collective agreement and to assist any employee who feels that he has been unfairly treated by the either the employer or any other employee. They are the employee’s representative, and are recognized as such in the collective agreement.


According to the CUPE publication "Local Union Trustee Guide", Trustees act as internal auditors.
Their primary duty is to uncover any fraud, or misuse of union funds.

Their secondary function is to review the way that the Secretary-Treasurer does his or her job and to suggest ways that the financial affairs of the local could be improved.